Post 1304: Something’s missing here!

Andy and Dougy don’t ask for much, and they give a lot back. BUT, they do expect some things on demand!



Dougy hinted broadly what he wanted. “Mrow…. Mrow….”

Gotcha, Douglas! You need a morning “scritch”!img_20170214_033006

Andy, on the other hand, was in no mood for a good “scritching”.


He turned his back on me. I barely could reach him, then he ran away!


54 thoughts on “Post 1304: Something’s missing here!

  1. I so relate to that bit of being just at the edge of your reach. That’s Mi Sun all over. She makes demand for petting meows and I can barely touch her but she won’t come closer. Other times she’s literally on top of me and she’s a big cat. Go figure.


    • Andy’s getting a bit more trusting. There are safe places where he lets me touch him, pet him, scratch him, but there are other places he feels exposes, I suppose, and there is no way he’ll let me touch him!


    • It comes slowly, I know. I hope I’m not missing any of your posts. The new reader format makes it easy to miss old favorites, and I try not to miss any. It s=helps that you use collages to illustrate them, thought it chops them up through the middle. At any rate, take it easy, Sheldon, and don’t rush the healing.

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