Post 1304: Something’s missing here!

Andy and Dougy don’t ask for much, and they give a lot back. BUT, they do expect some things on demand!



Dougy hinted broadly what he wanted. “Mrow…. Mrow….”

Gotcha, Douglas! You need a morning “scritch”!img_20170214_033006

Andy, on the other hand, was in no mood for a good “scritching”.


He turned his back on me. I barely could reach him, then he ran away!

54 thoughts on “Post 1304: Something’s missing here!

  1. I so relate to that bit of being just at the edge of your reach. That’s Mi Sun all over. She makes demand for petting meows and I can barely touch her but she won’t come closer. Other times she’s literally on top of me and she’s a big cat. Go figure.

    • Andy’s getting a bit more trusting. There are safe places where he lets me touch him, pet him, scratch him, but there are other places he feels exposes, I suppose, and there is no way he’ll let me touch him!

  2. Nothing like a good morning scritch! Perhaps poor Andy thought his medicine was coming right after the scritch.

    Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to you and the boys, Doug, from all the cats and crew here!

    • It comes slowly, I know. I hope I’m not missing any of your posts. The new reader format makes it easy to miss old favorites, and I try not to miss any. It s=helps that you use collages to illustrate them, thought it chops them up through the middle. At any rate, take it easy, Sheldon, and don’t rush the healing.

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