Post 1323: Andy gets his treats…

Andy was an exceptionally good boy when I gave him his medicine. He purred and purred, really relaxed in my arm, and didn’t fight much when I put the medicine in his mouth. He even let me hold him longer than usual afterwards!

I hope this is the new pattern. Andy spends more time with me on the recliner lately, and the other day he even kneaded my arm, something he’s never done before. That’s Dougy’s thing!


Yes, Andy got his kitty treats! He likes his cottonwood table. It’s easier to see and eat the nuggets. Of course, he picks one up and crunches it on the carpet, kitty style!



Yes, Dougy gets treats at the same time, too, but only if he shows up. Of course, he usually shows up because he knows Andy gets kitty treats after his medicine.


I guess Dougy didn’t want anything to eat this time. He wandered off to the north bathroom. Andy’s OK with that: More treats for Andy!