Post 1326: Despite two kitties, this plant blooms again!

They did their best. They even knocked it out of the window a time or two, yet this kalinchoe survives to bloom another day! What say you, Andy and Dougy?


Dougy: “I’ll try again next year?”

Andy: “Dougy knocked it over, not your favorite kitty?!”

Kalinchoe: “They both wanted to. Dougy did in front of you the last time. Then you put me in the kitchen window. So I bloomed for you! Nice, eh?!”

24 thoughts on “Post 1326: Despite two kitties, this plant blooms again!

    • That’s a great idea! My two are window kitties, and no window is safe. I did have a philodendron on top of a tall CD cabinet, but it succumbed to not care when I was hospitalized and in therapy last year. It was just high enough the people caring for the kitty boys didn’t see it!

  1. I empathize with your kalanchoe protection program. I was lucky to find an antique glass house called a Wardian case in a thrift store. They had no idea what it was and it was very cheap so my plants now have a safe place. Otherwise I could not have plants.

  2. It is a tough little plant and I think it is still a copyrighted plant. (copyright?) If i remember correctly when it first was introduced it was illegal to propagate. My myriad of kitchen catz just live to knock things, including plants, into the sink. And what is 5 oz among friends? ~~dru~~

    • Interesting. I know there are such things, but there was no label on the plant when I bought it stating any such thing. In fact, it was a grocery store special, something I bought because it was cheap and I liked the flowers on it. I think the protection is a patent. Out of curiosity, I looked up patented kalinchoes, and you may be right about this specific variety, though what I saw was flowers, with the leaves mostly hidden so I couldn’t tell if they looked anything like the real plant. What am I supposed to do? I do believe in honoring copyrights, so, since I am not clever enough to invent something, I can only assume I honor patents as well, but it is a mystery how a super market kalinchoe added to by sticking a piece broken off back in the same pot as the parent plant fits into the law. Now I’m paranoid! The dang plant goes into the garbage after I shred and mash the stem and leaves so they can’t reproduce.

      Or…maybe not. Here’s detail on what protection plant patents provide: “Following the approval of the plant patent application by a USPTO examiner, the applicant is granted exclusive rights to the plant for twenty years from the date in which the application was filed. The patent holder is given the right to exclude others from asexually reproducing the plant on their own without consent. No one else may use, offer for sale, or sell the plant or parts of the plant under any circumstances throughout the United States. [emphasis mine] Also, the patented plant or its parts are prohibited from being imported from another country into the United States.”

      The super market is a locally owned independent store, and I seriously doubt they developed the kalinchoe variety I have, patented it, or that they sold it outside the law’s protection by illegally ignoring the emphasized section above. I don’t recall any warning labels or labels or tags on the plants other than one telling about the plant and its care plus the bar code for sale purposes. If they did sell me (and several other people) illegally propagated plants, my lawyer will contact their lawyer.

      The plant is saved…for now, though it no longer cheers me up or is something I want in my place.

      I have seen warnings on plants (like some rose starts and bare root grape varieties) I’ve bought about propagating more plants by any method, and those plants, of course I knew not to try starts to produce new plants. Nebraska also is a big state for hybrid corn, marked on the fields by signs. I know farmers have to buy the seed each time they plant a variety, can’t save seed from one year’s harvest for the next year’s crop. I never thought about the seed being from a patented variety, but that must be the case.

    • I have grown catnip for the boys and Louie when he was alive. Its a weed and easy to grow in a window or outdoors. Of course, cats make life difficult for the plants, but strategic placement and cages (if needed!) somewhat take care of that.

  3. Despite of those two rascals the kalanchoe resists and blooms for you , Doug .
    On the pictures Dougy looks stronger than Andy. But probably is this an optical effect.
    In friendship

    • They are pretty much equal, though Andy weighs 10 pounds 5 ounces/4,68k versus Dougy’s 10 pounds 10 ounces/4,82k

      The kalinchoe survives because the pieces the kitty boys break off can grow if stuck in potting soil. It’s a tough, little plant!

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