Post 1330: breakfast at 1:00 AM…

Daylight Savings Time change is a miserable time for me. The kitty boys want breakfast some time between 1:00 AM and 1:30 AM. In the Spring time change, then, they pester me to get up and feed them at a time my body still regards as between 12:00 midnight to 12:30 AM. More about this later….

Though I don’t get up that early to feed them, they come around to pester me till I give in. Dougy walks around and over me, swishing his tail on my face, kneading my shoulder. Andy just sits there by the bed, staring, staring, staring. Creepy! Then I give in and get up.

This will go on for a few weeks till we all adjust to the stupid change that doesn’t benefit us in any way.


Yesterday, Andy ate first and Dougy snoozed in the guest bedroom.

When the kitty boys don’t eat at the same time, the cat eating first tends to eat all of the kitty food, leaving none for his brother. Then I have to prepare a second meal as soon as the last-to-eat kitty finally makes his entrance. The first-to-eat kitty has to be discouraged from eating again so the last-to-eat kitty gets a meal. This is a common problem during the transition to Daylight Savings Time.

This morning, both kitties were in the kitchen waiting for me to wash their dishes so I could feed them. When I put the kitty food out, Andy held back while  Dougy pigged out on the two servings.

Things continue to be messed up! Andy must have eaten some dry food when it was stomach time to have kitty food. He eventually ate some wet food.

Makes no sense. Wouldn’t cats used to eating sometime between 1:00 AM and 1:30 AM during standard time be eating sometime between 2:00 AM and 2:30 AM after the change to Daylight Savings Time? I’m too tired to figure it out.


34 thoughts on “Post 1330: breakfast at 1:00 AM…

  1. Hopethings are settling out. I do like the longer daylight in the evening, if they ed the DST I hope they keep it DST hours all year. I am not as early a rider as you but getting up in the dark bothers me less than the night closing in too soon. It take a week or so for us to get adjusted, just now over the worst of it.

    • I still haven’t adjusted, and am sleeping odd hours, if at all. On the other hand, after a few says of sleeping poorly, I fed the kitty boys at 1:30 AM. I fixed breakfast, at it, and fell asleep on the recliner. I must have slept close to six or seven hours on the recliner! Fortunately, it is very comfortable and like sleeping on a pillow.

    • For sure! (For some reason, I stopped getting your blog. I “found” you again on lobotero’s blog, where you commented. WordPress has some quirks hat make no sense to me.)

  2. I am forced into the routine of feeding at 3:30AM. I do not know why I bother to look at the clock, because that is what time it is. If I go to bed early I can get 6 hours sleep uninterupted. I can hardly spell today. Now it is 4:30 AM feed. Will they adjust backwards? I think yes.

        • In the days when there were industrial workers who worked one daylight shift, maybe it made sense, but the world works 24 hours a day in many, if not most, jobs. Agricultural people have animals that give moo for DST since they don’t use artificial time to determine when their routines start nd stop. In fact, horses say “neigh” to DST! I know kitty cats are resistant to it, too, since I get my wake up call on Standard Time for the time being. Come Fall, Ill get the same treatment on DST instead of ST.

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