Post 1357: retro kitty boys…some videos

The kitty boys are asleep and I’m running behind on my post. Since they aren’t around to do kitty stuff, I’m posting videos again for today’s dose. I hope you enjoy seeing them in motion!







21 thoughts on “Post 1357: retro kitty boys…some videos

        • I bet you’d be good at it! You have a great eye for what’s interesting round you and are a great narrator/story teller, two qualities that are important for making videos

          • It’s the technical side that stumps me Sir. I can take video on my camera, but don’t know how to transfer them to the web or doctor them. Nothing new there then. Hehehe! Thanks mate.

          • If you have a camera that uses a memory card, you probably can transfer the video to you PC or laptop by putting it in the appropriate port. There are so many variations on this process, though, I feel like I’m irresponsible suggesting it’s easy. It’s easy once you finally work through the technical stuff….! (That is to say, um, good luck!)

          • Hehehe! I’ve accidentally took videos on my camera, but they don’t show up when I try to get them from the card? But do show on the camera card memory when it’s in the camera?
            I’m losing myself now… Haha! Cheers.

          • When you try to download them, make sure you have selected “all files” when looking for them on the card when it’s in the computer. Usually, you’ll see you’re asking to download jpeg or png files, so it won’t show ort pull up the video files. (Said he, giving the impression he actually knows whereof he speaks! Like you, I’ve accidentally taken videos on my camera, which actually is my smart phone these days.)

          • Thanks for the info Sir. The Smartphone is too Smart for me. Hehe!
            I’ll try that when I take a video again (Intentionally).
            The lesson today did not go well, i had a funny turn and they cancelled the lesson.
            Okay now though.
            TTFN, give the lads a bot of fuss for me please.

          • The kitty boys thank you for reminding me to give them some attention! Mrow!

            As or the smart phone, I still struggle a year after getting mine to do things on it.

    • There are so many new follows this past year, that the videos are an easy way to bring new followers up to snuff on what the kitty boys are like. Glad you enjoyed the videos!

  1. Maybe I’m easy but these video clips always make my day, and I totally understand getting behind in posting. I love where Andy starts checking the camera.

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