Post 1381: table manners and bloody hell update…

Andy guards the catnip-flavored kitty treats, his favorite!

Dougy enjoys a table top view from this favorite bird watching spot.

Table manners are slim around here. Believe me, if you eat at my table, I first wipe it down and make sure nothing that comes in contact with food touches the table surface! 


I know many people were alarmed by my “bloody hell” post, so it’s important you know the next time, things went exceptionally well.

Well, there was a trail of my blood on the sidewalk leading to the emergency entrance still…!

But this is what awaited me at the hospital! What a lovely Nebraska sunrise!

Aw spring! Even the dandelions are briefly welcome for the relief from browns and greys of winter! 

Here I am – hooked up and preparing to take a snooze while my dialysis proceeds!

Or I can watch out this picture window to witness birds and bunnies forage and prepare to raise their first young of the year~! Woo hoo!

All is well in the world.








46 thoughts on “Post 1381: table manners and bloody hell update…

    • It isn’t bravery so much as (as Michel Fauquet put it) sang froid. Once you experience something like the blow out and bleeding, you know what has to be done and just do it!

  1. You are an example of Patience ; Doug . More , it looks you go back and forth to the hospital in driving your own car ? you lost some blood in coming back from a dialysis ?
    I have been interested also by the catnip and made a research about . I was a little botanist in the past.
    In friendship

    • Patience comes of circumstances over which one has no control! Yes, I do drive to and from dialysis (that’s the front of my VW Golf Sportwagen in the photo of the sidewalk with blood drops….). No wonder you have such a great garden! Qas you can imagine, catnip (as a member of the mint family) has a weedy growth habit…if you can keep the neighborhood kitties out of it!

  2. doodz…….yur dadz a champ for sure….cranbereez we haz de heebeez just lookin at de masheen….we noe himz used two it N him has ta go thru it…but still……….blessingz two him and ewe both ☺☺♥♥

  3. Some cracking photographicalisationing today Sir.
    The first one reminded me of a black cat I had donkey’s years ago. His name was Cyril, but I should have names him Buttons, cause he loved nibbling and trying to remove them?
    TTFN Sir.

  4. I am glad you are well-cared for and enjoyed such a beautiful sunrise. I love dandelions and their shaggy-maned, golden cheerfulness! All the best to you and the boys, Doug. have a pleasant rest of the week! 🙂

    • Me, too! Alliance is very fortunate to have such a facility. Places larger places I’ve been had less support for people on dialysis.

      The sunrise is a benefit, a compensation for having to go in really early.

      I love dandelions, too!

  5. Although Lucy doesn’t get on the table or counter top, I still find short little Lucy hair on/in everything. I think I would choose the nap. Or a book. You do look comfy, though. Kudos to you for making the best of it.

    • Yes, I know how that goes! My kitty boys are overt table climbers, however.

      The rest is a great way to spend the time since I get up really early to feed the kitty boys (they insist on it). Reading a book is difficult since the arms with the fistula has to be held pretty much in one position for the whole four hours as moving it can change the rate and quality of the blood flow.

    • What’s the alternative? That’s how I look at it. Also, feeling stressed, being stressed has a negative impact on my condition. That said, thank you!

    • That was the sunrise, but the sunset is very much like that. I hoped the rain yesterday would have washed the drops away. Maybe it eventually did, but the drops were still there at the end of my dialysis day.

          • Your patience must me impressive… I think I wiggle too much for something like that. And in truth, I need to wiggle because if I keep still for too long, the arthritis in my spine seems to try and seize up.

          • It takes a bit of practice all right! When you first start this, it is typical to get tired butt from the pressure on your coccyx. I swear I have calluses on my butt! It is ok to adjust yourself in the recliner from time to time, and we all do. One just needs to be aware of the fistula and the fact there’s about an inch (I estimate) of needle stuck into your arm in two places. If you move wrong, you know it! In time, you automatically don’t move those ways that hurt!

          • I’m not sure I could do that… When I was a kid, I fell off the roof and landed tail-first on the sidewalk (I was trying to rescue a kitten)…. Fractured my tail-bone (a.k.a. coccyx) and decades later, I still have problems sitting for long periods. I also suspect that attempted rescue could be a cause of the arthritis in my spine. Regardless, I simply could not sit still for the time needed for something like that.

          • OMG! You would have problems for sure! They do provide pads for people with people with those sort of problems, but I don’t know how well they work.

  6. Those catnip treats are currently Phoebe’s favorite, but she changes her mind often. Our table rules are about the same as yours. I am glad your dialysis went much better this time.

    • So far, the kitty boys have been faithful to the one brand, though Dougy doesn’t like the catnip flavored treats as much as the chicken flavored ones. Andy likes them all, but is allergic to the sea food ones. (I note that I am not paid to promote these treats. They just happen to be the ones the kitty boys have eaten all their lives because that’s what their veterinarian has for sale.)

  7. Let us guess. Those treats are Catnip Greenies. A favourite of ours too. The green on the bag gave it away.

    What a beautiful sunrise but we see the snow in the background….don’t want your snow. It is actually starting to look clean around here again.

    You look so comfy getting your dialysis….repetition is the key to getting that relaxed look.


    Shoko and Kali

    • Yep! The kitty boys love their Greenies! As for the snow, I hate to disappoint, but that’s the employee parking lot (concrete) at the hospital. It does look like snow, though. As for dialysis, it is relaxing, with a little pain (more like pressure) when the insert the needles, and the anxiety about a “scabling” blow out and bloody hell at the end. When re return to the regular dialysis unit after a remodel, there aren’t any windows, hut they do have individual televisions on each station.

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