Post 1391: must be time for medicine…


Must be medicine time. Andy’s hiding from me. (Sorry for the photo quality…! Andy’s seeking out all the dark spaces to avoid me.) 


Under the computer desk now after a short chase. Good move, Andrew James Thomas! You know you can hide in the open there and still escape if I reach in to grab you! (And he did!)


The medicine is for high blood pressure, so I try not to turn the chase into a situation that exacerbates the condition. Some irony there! Not to worry, though. Andy can run and hide, but I know the places he goes where he is easy to catch. He’ll get his medicine sooner or later. 



Turned out to be “sooner”! Silly cat! He hid under a chair in the bathroom that had clothes from the dryer on it. He hid his front part, but left his butt end sticking out in the open, a classic Andy mistake. On top of it, the slick flooring meant he couldn’t escape by digging in his claws. So sweet! I hope he never learns!

18 thoughts on “Post 1391: must be time for medicine…

    • Yeah, I could use one for myself! I have one that wants to hide in my mouth and dissolve into an icky, gritty, gaggy mess that I discover in my mouth after I thought they went down the hatch. I tend to want to leave that one out when I take medicine, but a minder would help me man up and just take it!

    • The mother of my kitty boys is a beautiful Persian kitty with tabby markings in a soft combination of yellows and browns. I met her just once when she was still nursing four kittens (a fifth died at birth) including Andy and Dougy. She looked pretty tired of motherhood at that point. Ha!

      As for Andy, I get a kick out of his obvious hiding mistake, and that has become the one silly thing he does. Oherwise he is a little serious kitty.

    • He does get kitty treats after the medicine ordeal, and I do stroke his head and ears and talks= calmly to him before and after I give him his medicine, but that doesn’t mean he likes it. (I suspect he purrs during the ordeal mostly to calm himself, not because he enjoys my attention and talk!) I have to laugh every time he hides with his hindquarters hanging out! It’s cute! As I note above, however, I hope he never catches on to how I figure out where he’s hiding! Ha!

        • Oddly enough, Andy doesn’t struggle to get away once I catch him (most times….!), but he has been much more calm about things once I added the kitty treats at the end of the ordeal. After he has his medicine, though, he does become more interested in being put down on the floor so he can have those treats! . I give them to him on a little “table” made from a slice of a cottonwood tree branch. He goes right there and waits for the treats

          • Andy says “Meow”! He totally agrees! If I walk into the kitchen, he automatically stands in front of his little cottonwood branch slice “table” in anticipation (he hopes!) of getting kitty treats. I have to watch how many I give him because he and Dougy are about at that age where kitties start putting on weight if you aren’t careful about their diets. Though many people think neutering and spaying pets leads to overweight pets, it has a lot more to do with over-feeding them. Andy and Dougy are neutered but are at acceptable weight for their size and age, according to their veterinarian. I always ask specifically about their weight since cats show weight in odd ways and Persian cats always look chubby anyway because of the hair.

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