Post 1394: all good toys start to bore…

A favorite toy failed to amuse…


On the other hand, a mouse toy the kitty boys ignored for years got some play time this morning. Spoiled American kitty cats! Kitties in [an Asian country I won’t name] are supper! Count your blessings!

26 thoughts on “Post 1394: all good toys start to bore…

    • Mine are pretty good about not chewing the boxes up too much. I know some cats chunk boxes out in short order, but the most damage my two do to boxes is to bite the egges, leaving tooth marks.

          • I have considered hiring someone as there are people in town who take pity (for a price) on slobs who don’t have basic housekeeping proclivities. Other than clutter, it doesn’t look too bad at the moment. A friend recently observed that the problem of clutter is more likely in a smaller home than a larger one because of storage space. I think she is right.

          • Or you may want to part with some stuff… At the moment we are in the process of decluttering. It feels good to bring it away so other people can use the stuff we haven’t use for a long time.

          • My church has rummage sales, and I contribute stuff to that. I’m glad I bought the VW Golf Sportswagen last year because it is a handy vehicle for carrying “stuff” over to the church to dump into other people’s lives. Ha!

  1. The mouse is an enemy of the Hemi here. Followed closely by the red dot that all of us want and desire. Man where is that red dot? Snorts with piggy laughter. Have an awesome day friend. XOXO – Bacon

    • My kitty boys find red dots boring. Once Andy locates the source of the red dot (which he usually figures out is something in my hand…!), he leaves the room or finds other amusements. Dougy just ignores it. I think they may be kitty exceptions.

    • I’m afraid you are right! That;s one reason I try not to spend too much money on kitty toys. They still love, love, love boxes more than anything, and they created a chase game using a multi-colored strip of cloth that broke off a wand. That game never seems to bore them, and they amuse themselves daily playing it!

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