Post 1403: “No means no!”

Dougy loves me to rub that spot between his eyes that is hard for Persians to scratch. Yet…there are times he has other things on his mind and he gets impatient with me when I try to rub it.

“#&%^#(($&$#@! No means NO!”


OK, Dougy! I get your drift! LOL! 

Whew! Andy figured out a way to use a floor lamp to rub that spot at will. Dougy still depends on me to do it. It is fair to note that Dougy’s little snit was because he wanted to play peacock feather, not get some loving. He was his usual sweet self shortly when I brought out the peacock feather. RAWR!


19 thoughts on “Post 1403: “No means no!”

    • Mine don’t “talk” much, but they have their “give me attention, NOW!” whines perfected! Dougy adds clawing at furniture to hiss performance, and both will put their paws (with claws slightly out…) on my bare knees if i fail to act in time. They know…. They know!

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  1. great idea Andy!!! I love guys with innovative ideas ;o) maybe Dougy knows that this spot is a special one to relax furfriends and to make them sleepy? I saw it once at a n animal whisperer, it really works :O)


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