Post 1432: Dougy wants some, too! He thinks….

Dougy’s ears perk up! Doug has something in his hands. Dougy suspects it’s meant for kitties, specifically Dougy the Persian kitty!

Dougy gets up to take a closer look. “Rats! Water!”


On top of it, it was flavored with lime. What a sad moment for my kitty boy!


[I am not promoting, nor am I compensated for featuring that specific water in my blog.]

28 thoughts on “Post 1432: Dougy wants some, too! He thinks….

    • Mine have me trained to give them some kitty treats when they are disappointed this way. I try to keep it down, though, because cats tend to put on weight if treats aren’t handed out with care.

    • Not really. He knows that I am a sucker for “Bambi eyes” and “sorrowful kitty” pleas for attention! I’m old enough, Michel, that I should be able to resist these ploys, yet Andy (and Dougy) have my figured out!

  1. Are we suppose to weigh in with our opinion on Perrier water. Myself I don’t like it….it’s bitter…I’ve had it twice and that was my opinion both times. Lord knows why people rave about it. Or could it be I’ve become a sugar freak and must have sweet drinks?

    hahaha Jean

    • I don’t like sugary drinks, so there you f=go! (No, that just happened to be what was in my hand that was of interest to my kitty boy, who neither likes sugary nor carbonated frou frou flavored spring water! (I usually drink a domestic carbonated, flavored tap water that’s purified by reverse osmosis, canned, and imported from Wisconsin. LOL! I find carbonated water more refreshing thatn the vile -tasting tap water in my apartment. (The tap water jhas an off taste that reminds me of chemicals used in manufacture of hose, and I’ll shower in it, but can’t handle the taste!)

    • Actually, it is naturally carbonated, but they remove the carbonation to bottle it, then added carbonation back….! It has an astringent quality I like. I’d never tried the flavored Perrier before, bought a six pack, and most likely will go back to a domestic brand that turns tap water in Wisconsin into a carbonated, lemon-flavored drink that is less bitter than the Perrier. Also, it is very much cheaper and less pretentious! LOL! (The Wisconsin tap water version comes in many flavors, none of which I care for except the lemon. It is very lightly flavored, more like what you’d have if you had a lemon wedge on your tap water at a restaurant.)

  2. I always thought my mom’s furry person was the only one that had to be shown everything she eats or drinks. Guess I’m wrong. Some reactions you get from Monkey definitely says what he thinks of the stuff she is going to put in her mouth.

    • Nope! Andy and Dougy have hopes I’ll share human food with them, and letting them smell things (which they never like) settles them down. I suppose they might like food that came closer in looks and texture to their wet kitty food, but I don’t eat anmything like that. I do give them the water off of water-packed albacore, which they find excitingly wonderful stuff! I’ve offered them the albacore meat as a treat, and they won’t eat it. Strange kitty cats!

    • Ha! Ha! Mine, too! They watch we very closely when I fix their kitty food before I have breakfast. I try to finish preparing my breakfast (impossible!) before they finish theirs. I inevitably have two cats sitting at my feet watching my progress, begging, of course, for their share even though I never let them have any. I do let them sniff everything (they insist on it), and vinegary things usually get an interesting reaction! LOL! Coffee dos, too, though they don’t want any after smelling it. I think of these sniffing sessions as part of the life enricjhment activities all pets need to stay happy and involbved in their worlds. Of course, it may be letting them sniff but not have human food nd drink, I’m creating neurotic cats. Who knows [questrion mark isn’t workoing for some reason…)

    • That’s Perrier water with a non-fat lime flavoring, not sugar-laden soda. It has no calories, part of why I drink it! It is carbonated, which makes it a bit more interesting to drink than plain tap water.

      Cats can’t taste sweetness and no matter how much they think they want whatever I’m eating or drinking, they always know that when I put a little bit of it up to their noses!

      They don’t want human food, and I don’t want them to have it.

      As for fat, that’s why they are on a special diet for inside cats of their age. You are very right about that, Dan: you don’t want your cats to overeat or eat the wrong things for kitties. I am very careful about that!

      Also, when they have their regular visits to their veterinarian, I ask him to evaluate their weight and make recommendations if necessary. So far, the kitty boys have always passed the test for being ideal weight for their age!

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