Post 1444: before…and after

Dougy before his grooming appointment, and…

…Dougy after his grooming appointment.

Andy is soooo ashamed of his brother!


Yes, there is no difference. Dougy was a very naughty kitty yesterday, and hid from me when it was time to put him in the carrier to take him to the groomer. 

That is to say, Dougy missed his appointment, an appointment that was very hard to arrange in the first place because of a shortage of groomers in the area and the increase in business that’s brought the kitty boys’ groomer. 

I tried to find him under a bed in the guest bedroom. He was there, but I couldn’t get him out. I shook the bed to scare him, and he ran out.

Of course, being a cat, I didn’t hear him leave, but the next time I looked under the bed, he wasn’t there.

I closed all the doors to other rooms then, and tried to find him in the rest of the apartment.

No luck! I was livid! I tried to call the groomer to let them know I couldn’t find Dougy so cancel the appointment. I called and called and called, getting a busy signal each time. 

Thoroughly pissed at the cat and the groomer by that time, I got in my car and drove over there to give them the message I tried to give them by phone. 

After telling the groomer about Dougy, I decided to take care of some bank business, take my car through the car wash, and get a breakfast.

An hour and a half later, I went home and opened the closed doors. The last door I opened – my bedroom door – Dougy walked out! I’d missed the fact he’d run into my room at some point, and I closed the door on him. 

Not a good day yesterday. (Secretly, I was  a little pleased Dougy had a miserable hour and a half closed in my bedroom. Bad kitty!)



40 thoughts on “Post 1444: before…and after

  1. They are so good at hiding! With 9 cats I have to do a head count at least twice a day. Sometimes one is holed up in a secret spot, and not feeling like coming out just to suit me. Then suddenly the cat appears, from what seems like nowhere. 🙂

  2. Amazing how you can never get cats to leave you alone when you want your own space (e.g. working on the computer or trying to eat dinner) but when it’s time for their meds or a visit to the groomer you can check the house five times over and swear they have been sucked into a black hole in the universe. But we love ’em anyway! Hope your groomer can be forgiving.

    • My groomer doesn’t have to be forgiving because there is a local shortage of groomers. They can’t keep up with the demand for grooming appointments, and when Dougy blew it, he and Andy now probably will have to go without grooming appointments for the foreseeable future. I’m thinking I will go in next week and make appointments for them for the next year if possible. The September and November appointments are cancelled because I can’t skip dialysis for a cat grooming appointment and switching dialysis times for personal reasons, while possible, can have medical consequences because of lengthened time between treatments for at least one time. Tedious.

    • That’s a good idea! Unfortunately, even if I catch them, there just aren’t enough groomers in the area, thanks to a groomer quitting, and the opportunities for me to get the kitty boys in are virtually nonexistent. Dougy further blew it by hiding when I needed to get him to his appointment. I’ll be lucky to get them in for trims in future. I am not pleased! Further, I probably will have to take them in on different days instead of for back-to-back appointments

  3. I had been known to take electric clippers to our Chelsie. The process took many times, a very upset Chelsie and the haircut? Well you’ve seen people with shaved spots and long hair–yea it turned out like that. We won’t even talk about cat hair all over. Chelsie is long gone and Max has short hair.

    • LOL! I have professional clippers – I had a silly notion I could do it, without experience or training! – and I suspect my results would be just what you described! I may end up doing it anyway.

      • Try and post the results 🙂 Ms Zulu gets a home made trim about 3x per year. I only do the parts that are a major problem so that it doesn’t take that long to do and looks fairly decent.

        • The worst of the mats are on the undersides of both kitties, which makes mistakes less onerous should I cut too much off. The mats pretty much go down to the skin in most cases, another reason I’m a bit hesitant to work on them with sharp scissors….

          • I have dull scissors for that purpose and if needed do the cutting spread out over a week or so and cut of a little at a time. I imagine that may be harder with cats to accomplish.

          • Andy already plays hard to get because he gets medication every day. Dougy hasn’t become quite as hard to catch unless he suspects he’s going to go somewhere in the carrier, which he hates. A little each day is how I try to address the mats, too. I haven’t resorted to cutting them out yet, but it’s looking more likely I’ll have to go that route to keep up with them. Dougy’s chest and abdomen fur is exceptionally dense and prone to matting. Andy has lighter density fur, but it still is thicker on his chest and abdomen.

  4. Just grab a pair of really sharp scissors, comb hair up between your pointy and middle fingers, and cut off everything above that. Then I want pictures!

    • You make it sound easy, Amy, but I know you do it for a living. That gives you credibility! I do have a pair of sharp scissors meant for trimming out sutures. The tips are blunt on the top piece, and pointy on the bottom, as I recall. I also have a seam ripper that (with care) I thought might be a good tool to work through mats. Also, I bought some crochet needles that I had a notion might work well. The best thing so far (and least happy) is a dematting brush that works well – if you don’t mind upsetting the kitty! (I do!)

    • Dougy may not want to go there, but it will be less pleasant having me take care of his mats. At the groomer, they would use clippers and give him a cute teddy bear cut.

    • Here, it requires closing all escape routes, not talking a shower, and using trickery (bringing out the kitty treats or the peacock feathers…) because the first two give away the plan, and the last one diverts their attention. Sometimes, I can just reach down and catch a cat. Other times, it was like yesterday. Dougy really needs a trim because they were unable to get trimmed in May because the schedule conflicted with my dialysis schedule. (I have to make the appointments in November each year for the kitty boys….)

  5. A trick like that is not good for the heart, Doug. This Dougy could give you a heart attack .
    I hope the groomer has been kind . Anyway you have been right to get some good breakfast! 🙂 You needed it.
    In friendship

  6. That was a very naughty kitty. Kitty groomers are very hard to find, I only had one place that would do Snowball out of about a dozen groomers. The Petco and Petsmart groomers never seem to do cats either.

    • I’ve run into that “we don’t do cats” business, especially since mine still have their claws. Fortunately, they are mild-mannered kitties, and behave well once I get them there! My sister in Seattle had one of her kitties banned from one groomer because he was a bad boy. Fortunately, he behaved for another groomer.

  7. no worries Dougy, the foxterrier of my granparents did that too … he missed the appointment we only got with kissing the feet of the groomer and promising her a golden castle… after the failed appointment we went to another groomer who only did poodles… and who did a poodle cut …but at least we made the world a little brighter that way, all people laughed when they saw the pup ;o)

    • I pointed out to Dougy (with no response from him…) that missing the appointment meant that a doggy gets his appointment spots in future! Andy suffers because of Dougy as well.

    • No, he was very naughty, and I will be lucky to get appointments in future because of him. That means I will demat Dougy and Andy instead of the easier (for them and me) means of a good haircut. They will hate it.

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