Post 1447: a slow, hot Sunday…

Dougy’s horns are up. He suspects something’s about to happen!

“Brother, you better skeedaddle!” Dougy (bottom) warns Andy that I am coming and I have plans for Andy.

Andy’s too comfortable on the cool bathroom floor to move, so I easily catch him. It’s so hot in the apartment this morning, I was tempted to join him on the floor instead!


Andy is conflicted. He doesn’t want his medicine, but the cool liquid will feel good on such a hot morning. He closes his eyes just the same. Maybe I won’t see him if he can’t see me…! LOL! 

“Nope. Still there. Rats,” Andy thinks to himself. He closes his eyes again and takes his medicine. Then I give him his kitty treats for being a good kitty boy.

I think we will spend the rest of the day staying cool.