Post 1447: a slow, hot Sunday…

Dougy’s horns are up. He suspects something’s about to happen!

“Brother, you better skeedaddle!” Dougy (bottom) warns Andy that I am coming and I have plans for Andy.

Andy’s too comfortable on the cool bathroom floor to move, so I easily catch him. It’s so hot in the apartment this morning, I was tempted to join him on the floor instead!


Andy is conflicted. He doesn’t want his medicine, but the cool liquid will feel good on such a hot morning. He closes his eyes just the same. Maybe I won’t see him if he can’t see me…! LOL! 

“Nope. Still there. Rats,” Andy thinks to himself. He closes his eyes again and takes his medicine. Then I give him his kitty treats for being a good kitty boy.

I think we will spend the rest of the day staying cool.



28 thoughts on “Post 1447: a slow, hot Sunday…

  1. I like to lay on the cool tile floor, too, but lately I’ve been laying on the floor in the bedroom closet – the coolest place in the house. I am fluffy like your kitties. Are Dougy & Andy shedding right now, too?

  2. Not bad in my corner of the country, which makes the cats happy to sit out in the shade in the catio. It does get rough on those long hairs. If really hot I toss them in the bath. They are happy in the end.

    • Woo hoo! I’d have fun, but imagine two Persian kitties soakiong wet, mad as hell, and running through the apartment is more action than I can handle at this point! LOL!

      I make sure mine have access to plenty of water to drink, and keep the air conditioner on when the temperatures reach a certain level.

      I’ve notifed they are cool to the touch, which makes me wonder if the long hair insulates them to some degree.

    • Andy gets a medicine that’s dissolved in a liquid (distilled water, I imagine) and is administered with a little syringe. If I can catch him – most days I can if I try around kitty food time…! – I can get the medicine in him, though he turns his head as far around as he can to try to avoid it. Usually, after the first squirt, he takes it like a big kitty boy!

    • LOL! I guess you’ve never given a cat a bath before! Andy and Dougy put up a big fight when they have to have baths and they do have their claws and teeth to let you know how they feel about water.

        • Their hair really soaks up the water, and it takes hours to dry and sort out. Of course, at the groomer’s, they are put by a hair dryer, but they’ve been given hair cuts by then. It doesn’t take much time to dry out a short-haired kitty.

          When they were kittens, they had an intestinal parasite they got by hunting and eating an infected grasshopper (according to the owner of their mother). Until that was brought into control with drugs, they kitty boys had diarrhea. Ugh! I had to give them baths to clean the diarrhea off their butt fur, and they definitely didn’t like it!

          When they were older – about four-five months – and nearly grown size, I tried just soaking their hindquarters to get the poop off, and that partial immersion technioques wan’t any more popular.

    • Works for me! Yeah, it’s at least a 24 hour jet trip to your place from mine, perhaps more. I could use some of that cool right now – it’s 28.3°C at a quarter after 4 AM here. Ugh! July and August are the nasty hot months here.

      • According to google it is about 8000 kilometres from here to your place, and about 16 hours flying time. Which would also be expensive. So that won’t work. I hope you all manage to keep relatively cool. I get too hot at about 22 degrees celsius in the afternoon. Luckily we rarely pass 30 degrees celsius here.

        • This time of year, we get up in the 38°C range on many days.

          One time, I instructed Google Earth to calculate the best route from Nebraska to Tokyo. It came back with predictable roads up to the California coast, then it instructed me to get into a rowboat and row however many miles of ocean it was till I reached Japan. I got a good laugh out of that!

          • LOL! On the other hand, it gave me a item for a very ambitious bucket list: row across the Pacific Ocean from San Diego to the coast of Japan, then take land transportation to Tokyo. Surely there is someone out there with a desire to do something that’s dramatic, silly, but potentially very much an attention getter. To that person, I say, “I’m praying for you [guy/girl]! Go for it!”

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