Frankie the Sniffer

I love ginger tabby cats, having had one myself (the late Louie the ginger cat), so this post was a real treat for me today! Frankie is one beautiful cat!

Charles asks the question about whether your cat(s) is/are “sniffers” on their walks. What do you say?

Also, I recommend anyone following my blog check Charles’ blog out. It’s on my “favorites” list.

13 thoughts on “Frankie the Sniffer

    • I’m sure there is some of that, too. I know when I walked Louie the ginger cat, there were certain places where he’d chase (and beat up…) any cat he saw, then we’d come to other places where he’d see the same cat at a different time in a different place and all they’d do is exchange noses kisses. I always felt it was territorial behavior.

  1. Chris has a nice blog, Doug. Thanks for the introduction.

    All our cats are sniffers. For them it is like reading the newspaper. Some of them read every word and do not speed read. 🙂

  2. Sometimes Purrseidon is a sniffer, but mainly she and Mr. M are observers.

    That said, we were walking the ‘jungle trail’ when she caught a whiff of the Atlantic…. and she HAD to see it. Up and over the dune we went, as close to being dragged by a 10# cat as I wish to admit…. I still don’t understand why she seems to be obsessed with water, but I try to accept it.

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