Post 1474: “Is that a furball on Dougy’s ottoman?”

“Is that a furball on Dougy’s ottoman?” Andy queried me. It is a significant question because Andy wanted to go into the guest bedroom, but not have to go through Checkpoint Dougy to get there.

Uh oh! That furball is Dougy!


Andy wisely takes the recliner route to the destination, but he waits till Dougy isn’t watching to finish the trip.




16 thoughts on “Post 1474: “Is that a furball on Dougy’s ottoman?”

    • I supposed having the kitty boys neutered would eliminated those sorts of behaviors, but they both have their little spots. Just yesterday, Dougy climbed up on a clothes hamper behind the kitchen chair I brought into the bathroom so I could sit if needed while ironing. Andy quickly claimed the chair as his as soon as I brought it in, so it stays there till I need it in the dining room. So, when Dougy hopped up on the hamper, Andy quickly hopped up on the chair and >bop! bop!< quickly let Dougy know he better not hop over onto the chair!

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