Post 1489: eclipse day, so here’s a bunch of kitty photos to hold you over…

Dougy is tired of posing and being a pretty kitty boy…


Andy’s not pleased taking Dougy’s place. He slips off to the guest bedroom. If I want to get glamour shots of the kitty boys today, I’ll have to be a lot sneakier.



25 thoughts on “Post 1489: eclipse day, so here’s a bunch of kitty photos to hold you over…

  1. Those are beautiful photos of the boys, Doug!

    Eclipse day here too. We saw it mid morning. The darkness and stars mid morning is really something, and the totality event is beautiful.

    • Agreed! When it went total here, you could hear a cheer go up all over town! Fantastic! I’m glad I chose to watch it at home, though. The town was a sold mass of cars, trucks, busses, airplanes (at the airport), and people. They came from all over the world. There was a bit of cloud cover come through during the event, but, fortunately, the sun wasn’t covered much as it began to eclipse, and it was cloud free during the main event. Woo hoo!

    • We have our bias, of course, being kitty people, and I can tell you that I took a lot of them today, enough (easily!) for a couple posts, maybe more. Stay tuned for tons of kitty photos!

    • Hey, this is a kitty blog (mostly), not an astronomy blog! I agree with you, and my eclipse blog will be mostly kitty pictures since I didn’t take any of the event itself since I wanted to immerse myself in the moment, not mess around taking photos that could never match the professional photos in quality or interest since I use a smart phone to take photos. Besides, one needs a special filter i=unless one wants to destroy one’s smart phone or camera!

  2. that’s probaby the same with all models… they are not easy to please… but at least fourlegged models work for a treat… the two legged ones want just moneeh because they never eat something LOL

        • It is likely that you will be able to see it on television or the Internet. NASA had a live broadcast of it, and that might be available to you, too, after the fact. It was an amazing experience, and I think you would find the process very exciting, given your scientific nature! You” be an old man before the next total eclipse in Thailand:

          Here’s a list of 21st eclipses, including total eclipses and where they will occur. You have to scroll down to t=get into the future events, but you will most likely be a grown man by the time one occurs in your vicinity. As intelligent as you are, you most likely will be well-educated and making a nice salary by the time you are a man, too, and will be able to fly to a total eclipse in your region! I know you will find the total eclipse very interesting to witness, even though that phase is short. Best wishes for you to see one of these once-in-a- lifetime events…unless you are willing and able to travel all over the world to catch new ones!

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