Post 1491: the eclipse was…AMAZING!!!

Dougy was under-whelmed by the hubbub leading up to The Event. What is an eclipse to a kitty boy but another reason to take a nap?

Andy, on the other hand, was out in the dining room watching me clear the mess off the table so I could write a check and have a clean space for my friend Craig and me to eat lunch after the eclipse.

Being a snoopy boy, Andy joined me on the table. Who knows? Maybe there’s another lost new kitty toy up there! He sees something of interest, you bet. Something in a plastic bag, one of Andy’s bad vices. I have to dispose of plastic bags as soon as possible or he will…

…try to nibble them.


Of course, once I disposed of the bag (the glasses had to be set aside, too, before Andy chewed on them…), I had to give Andy a little loving to take his mind off the plastic bag!

And what of the eclipse? I took no photos because I knew a million better would be taken by people with proper tools. It was amazing! Please read my account to a friend in the page at the top labelled “The Eclipse”

24 thoughts on “Post 1491: the eclipse was…AMAZING!!!

  1. I’m glad you had a nice “event” experience, Mr. Doug. I napped like Dougy & ate a mid-morning snack. It was way too smokey here in Springfield so Mom stayed inside. Like Andy & Dougy I have a plastic “fetish”, too, & plastics are kept away from me. The V-E-T said that it might be a common thing with the Persian breed; it may be due to the shape of our mouths that we want to chew more. Dad’s teases that maybe it’s a petroleum deficiency! Mew Mew!

    • Petroleum deficiency! LOL! Dad sounds like a character I’d enjoy meeting! (I’m a bit of one myself.)

      That is an interesting bit of information about Persians, Valentine, and you should know!

  2. thanx for sharing the eclipse post; read it and enjoyed it Doug !! we had 86 percent totality here and are due to have full in 2024. It was as dusk is, and we worried a bit during the morning as it was a cloudy day. glasses were no where to be found and at the last minute a volunteer came in with a pair and we saw it about 15 minutes prior to our 86 % !! ended up watching the NASA site after that and they had some awesome footage ! 🙂

    • Yes, I agree with you on the NASA coverage, which I saw later! Also, we had heavy fog in the morning, followed by clearing about two hours before the event, then a strong breeze from the east that brought clouds that threatened to ruin the viewing for the hundreds and thousands of people who came to this town to see the eclipse. It came close, but the big show came off without clouds! Whew!

    • For some things. I rarely carry cash money, either. (Honestly, the reason I pay my rent with a check is because it is a pain in the butt for the landlord. They’d prefer I use auto debit.

      My telephone bill is supposed to be auto debited, but they can’t get it straight that that is my preference. They seem to think that sending me an e-mail telling me I have a bill for so much due on such and such a day AND a paper bill for the same period later is efficient! LOL! Until they get it worked out, though, yes, I pay that bill by check.

      I used to get 400 blank checks at a time, but now 100 (the minimum my bank lets you order) is enough to last me for a long, long time!

        • My sister in Seattle does her bankling with a bank where customers only get debit cards to do their business, from paying bills to getting a cash withdrawal. I think this is more and more the norm. While electronic banking is fast and convenient, the money’s debited instantly. With a check, you have “float” time, where the money doesn’t leave you account till it’s physically returned to the issuing bank. In my instance, that means it takes my landlord days to get the money after I start the transaction by writing a check. (I mail the check, though I could walk down to the office and pay it in 10 minutes or less! I am not a nice person when it comes to money.)

  3. But why some cats like plastic bags ? Heliotrope laps, laps … The vet says – we do not know why some cats do that. Cats are always a mystery – a reason more to love them, evidently !

    • Poor Phenny! I hope you got to go on a walk or trip to make up for it! To be honest with you, Andy and Dougy were under-whelmed. Andy enjoyed table time (right in front of me, at that, the little rascal!), but that was just a side benefit of The Event for him.

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