Post 1497: “Kitty food time, boys!”


I had to hand carry sleepy boy Andy to the kitty food place, but Dougy was waiting for us. “Where’s the kitty food?!” I like to have both kitties there before I put the food out because one of them (Andy) is notorious for eating both kitty’s portions if Dougy is slow to arrive.


Woo hoo! That’s Dougy planning to be first at the dinner plate for a change.


Nom~nom~nom! Dougy chows down.


Andy isn’t awake yet, and it takes a little time before his stomach catches up with the clock. Not to worry. He eventually eats his share of the kitty food. Dougy left it alone because he isn’t a little piggy like his brother when it comes to wet food and kitty treats!




19 thoughts on “Post 1497: “Kitty food time, boys!”

      • Boys! My big cats, Barmalei and Beba, are also siblings, and Barmalei is so protective of his sister that he wouldn’t even start eating until she joins him. If she is asleep, he meows to wake her up and then beckons with his paw.
        Your adorables are still babies, aren’t they?


      • No, they are six years old, as of last July 1st. They have a sister and a brother who went to a family in South Dakota. Unlike Andy and Dougy, their siblings don’t get along that well. Most times, though, I think it’s great when one can have siblings!

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      • I agree. We are having adjustment issues between little Pyshka and the two big ones who grew up together, played together, are doing everything together, and generally are very close.
        I thought your guys were younger, but they are pretty mature.

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      • I also think is a good thing when siblings can be adopted together. We have 2 sets of siblings here among the 9, a twosome and threesome. I have to be vigilant to make sure each cat gets as close to the same amount of attention that I can give.


      • That sounds challenging! Though there can be poor pairings of siblings, one can determine early on if kitties in a litter prefer playing with one particular sibling or another. I had neighbors with a brother-sister combo that never got along , and Andy and Dougy’s other brother and sister don’t get along either. That my two played well together was the whole reason I agreed to take Dougy, too. It was a good decision!

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  1. Do the boys both eat off the same plate? They do! What good boys…it would be a slap happy fest over here. I can just see Shoko saying..*Get your face away from my food or it’s a fight, you’ll get.” and I can see Kali….who is on appetite stimulants, just plane gobbling all the food down with out a second thought. hehe



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