Post 1545: Dougy gets some attention…

Dougy notices a hand’s coming his way…

…and he’s OK with that!


19 thoughts on “Post 1545: Dougy gets some attention…

    • That they do! I recently used up all my free storage and now am in Business level, which allows endless space. Soooo, GIF away, my good kitty! It costs so darn much, I intend to make use of all available benefits.

        • I’ve deleted some of the first posts, though that was in the “pre-photo and video” days. For that matter, it was before cats, too. I probably should delete everything prior to getting cats to fit the theme of the blog I settled on. It won’t make much difference as far as space.

    • I’ve been giving both kitty boys your scritches and many more today! I turned off the television and laptop, and put on some music CDs to listen to while I caught up on reading. Because I listened and read on the recliner, I had regular visits from both of them!

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