Post 1562: play time, please…

The medicine bottle contains that silly cat food bag tear strip the kitty boys currently regard to be “The Best Kitty Toy Ever”! Dougy is begging me to open it and play Tear Strip with him.

Yay! Great fun is had by all! (Well, Andy wasn’t around or he’d have had fun, too.)

Sorry for the poor lighting, but here you see Dougy protesting the end of play. His paw is on my leg, and his claws are out just enough to make his (no pun intended) point. 

13 thoughts on “Post 1562: play time, please…

  1. It amazes me how much fun cats have with simple items, yet when we spend a fortune on something for them, they usually have no interest. 🙂

    • Yes, those get lots of attention from my kitty boys, too! They also like tape on packages, so I have to take that off any boxes I don’t immediately break down and scrap. Kitty proofing is a full time job!

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