Post 1576: Dougy’s busy morning…not to forget Andy


All that’s left to do is eat kitty food, and Dougy’s dreaming about that as you read. Shhh! Don’t wake the kitty!

Not to worry! Andy gets attention, too. After I made these GIFs, I showed them to Andy, who tried to paw them off the smart phone screen. Of course! He’s a kitty boy!

27 thoughts on “Post 1576: Dougy’s busy morning…not to forget Andy

    • The GIFs are handled identically to photos since they are basically a string of amnimated photos. As for the videos, I posted them all on YouTube at one time or other. If you bring up a YouTube video on YouTube, below the video you see the word “Share”. Click on that and you get three options: you can copy and paste the URL on WordPress; you can click on Embed and copy the information there and past it on WordPress; or you can email it to someone. The first two options, of course allow you to post the videos on WordPress, and are very simple. You just paste in on the edit page where you want it to appear in the text!

    • The kitty boys thank you!

      You are lucky if you don’t get that many calls! I may have one or two calls a month from people I want to talk with, sometimes a few more. I think of a telephone as a tool for quick communications and emergencies.

      I don’t particularly care for long chats because it’s uncomfortable holding the phone that long. Of course, I can put the speaker on, but there is just so much I want to talk about on a phone.

      I bet I get 50 or more calls a month from scam artists and businesses, none of which I want. Considering how much I pay a month for the service, I’d hope the provider blocked those unwanted calls for me, much like WordPress blocks spam as part of the service.

    • Until I learned how to photograph and email photos to my laptop, I found my smart phone totally unlovable. I still find the endless scams and commercial phone calls tedious, especially since they now can phone with phoney (no pun intended) telephone numbers from my exchange showing on the caller ID. I probably block genuine people, maybe even friends because I automatically block all numbers that show anything by a name of the caller.

        • They all are, I’m convinced! In fact, I think of it more as a camera than as a phone, and all photos and GIFs on my blog since a year ago May (I think it was…) have been taken on my smart phone. (I enjoyed your cookie blog today! Phenny appeared to be interested by very well behaved around the end result! Good doggy! Give him a congratulatory “scritch” and “Good boy” from the kitty boys and me!)

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