Post 1586: poor baby…!


Dougy gets upset with me when all my attention is on updating this blog. He gets whiny and paws my leg. If I ignore him too long (as if that were possible!), he treats me to those pointy things on his toes.

Dougy will not be ignored! Poor baby!

“Good grief, brother! Get it together!” Andy can’t believe Dougy sometimes!

25 thoughts on “Post 1586: poor baby…!

  1. Lovely pictures of Andy and Dougy as always! Our cats have always had a fascination with the computer too. Our new Little Ultraviolet has to be there if she hears the sound of the keyboard!

  2. Sounds like Dougy is a smart cat. A cat shouldn’t be ignored. Sounds like Dougy wants a lot of attention. That video was something too. A cat will try almost anything to get our attention. Do you need to balance attention and working on the blog to 50% for blog and 50% attention to the cat(s)?

  3. Do you know that Shoko is the same…a nudge on the arm at first….then the nails come out, a little…then they are all the way out. At night its a gentle pat on the face…then a stronger pat..until the gentle pat ends with a whap across the nose! I don’t appreciate the whap and bury my head….no way am I playing now. Jean

    • You get my respect, Jean! Dougy ends his abuse by brushing my face with his tail. He’ll start on one side and walk around my head, flipping his tail all over my face. It usually gets my attention if I don’t bury my head in my blankets first. It definitely isn’t what I want on my face! Sometimes I give in, knowing that the tail is next!

  4. The photo is spectacular and shows well Dougy ‘ s impatience . This is reinforced by the open mouth.. Beautiful capture Doug:
    BTW I do not see many teeth at the upper jaw.I
    In friendship

    • They are hidden but are there! Dougy has all his teeth. Andy had to have one lower incisor removed when he was a young cat because it was rubbing against an upper canine tooth. You can’t tell he lost that tooth unless you count his teeth!

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