Post 1588: Whaaat!? Today’s Caturday. Bug off!


I tried to get Dougy involved in this blog post…


…even pointing out the resident lamp stand spider was within paw range. (Notice she’s a blur: She may be a young spider, but she knows about kitty boys. Yep, she does the “spidey” skidaddle eight step when she sees a kitty!)


So I “scritch” Dougy and call his name. “See the spider, Douglas?!”

 “Whaaat!?” he asks with some agitation, “Today’s Caturday. Bug off!”

20 thoughts on “Post 1588: Whaaat!? Today’s Caturday. Bug off!

  1. We have a regular patrol for spiders. Shinki taught Tony and Tony taught Cloud. In the morning he checks under the edges of all the cabinets and all the corners and gets them. I don’t mind them really but if they tresspass in kitty territory it’s their own fault.

    • The spider and other critters have had a relatively warm autumn so far, so there haven’t been too many in the house. You are right, though, about the heat. Fortunately, the kitty boys at=re attracted to the same heat sources!

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