Post 1588: Whaaat!? Today’s Caturday. Bug off!


I tried to get Dougy involved in this blog post…


…even pointing out the resident lamp stand spider was within paw range. (Notice she’s a blur: She may be a young spider, but she knows about kitty boys. Yep, she does the “spidey” skidaddle eight step when she sees a kitty!)


So I “scritch” Dougy and call his name. “See the spider, Douglas?!”

 “Whaaat!?” he asks with some agitation, “Today’s Caturday. Bug off!”


20 thoughts on “Post 1588: Whaaat!? Today’s Caturday. Bug off!

    • LOL! Yeah! My two like to pat them till they stop moving so much, then one of them will eat it. It’s one activity that they especially like to do together.

  1. We have a regular patrol for spiders. Shinki taught Tony and Tony taught Cloud. In the morning he checks under the edges of all the cabinets and all the corners and gets them. I don’t mind them really but if they tresspass in kitty territory it’s their own fault.

    • The spider and other critters have had a relatively warm autumn so far, so there haven’t been too many in the house. You are right, though, about the heat. Fortunately, the kitty boys at=re attracted to the same heat sources!

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