Post 1619: string video mania…

IMG_20180114_104508 (1)

Andy let me know he wanted to watch videos by hopping onto the recliner arm closer to me. I knew which one he wanted: the string video!

It didn’t take long before he started to hop on the laptop, so I put it on the light stand instead of having a cat on a keyboard on my lap. 


Inevitably, he hit something that took the video back to the Google screen.


Dougy pouted in the meantime because Andy blocked the screen…


…which now showed scary stuff that told me Andy found the taskbar and might be changing settings!

Whew! I pulled him off the laptop and ended the video show.

Andy was not amused!


Andy’s Video Rating

Andy rates this video: Three Point Seventy-Five Paws out of Four! He was mesmerized by the large string popping out of nowhere, and watched till he had to climb on the keyboard to catch it! It amused him a bit more than the video in this series that he’s watching in the photos above, which features a smaller string. Size does matter to this kitty boy!

Post 1620: Peacock feather play!

Dougy’s hunting style is to ambush from a hiding space. His prey comes to him!


Andy usually takes care of more important things while Dougy plays….


Dougy doesn’t mind. This way the feather is “me, my, mine”! 

“Silly kitty…” Andy thinks!

Dougy love, love, loves the feeling of a peacock feather snagging on his claws. I wonder what he’d do if he saw the bird this feather was attached to!