Post 1632: Andy’s taking it well…

Uh oh! That’s Dougy in one of Andy’s happy spots! (Knows it, too: Do you see that his horns are up?)

Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20180126095233 (1)

“No sweat,” Andy says, “I’m in another happy spot just now!”

11 thoughts on “Post 1632: Andy’s taking it well…

    • My apartment is cluttered, thanks to filling it with furniture from a house when we downsized. That inadvertently proved to be a winner for cats once I decided a few months after I retired to get a retirement pet or two.

    • They show up well on long-haired kitties, but you can see how they form if you check out a short-haired cat’s forehead when it is interested in something. The “horns” are a good indicator something is about to happen! LOL!

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