Post 1643: What do you think…?

andy left dougy right as kittens.jpg

This has been the heading for this blog for years now. It is a screen print from a video of Andy and Dougy as kittens wrestling on a settee that Dougy eventually destroyed. I like it because it shows both kitty boys when they were innocent kittens.


I’ve been thinking about changing to this photo for the heading of this blog though it shows only one kitty boy – Andy. I like it because it suggests the tension between cat and human, part of the surviving retirement withΒ  two cats.

What do you think? Leave good enough alone or use the new photo?




66 thoughts on “Post 1643: What do you think…?

    • Eventually it may go up, but the consensus now seems to be for the kittens…! Thanks for your comment, though. I like the new one except for the fact there’s only one of the two featured cats, Andy.

    • That’s problematic, but I can think of some possible scenarios where I might be able to get such a photo. That would, of course, best show the “surviving retirement with two cats” theme.

    • Yep! I’m sitting it aside for the moment because I have to look through a snot load of digital photos to =find any that feature all three of us or , at least, the two kitty boys.

  1. I like the old one best because those freakin’ kittens are so damn cute — they suck me in and make me look at your blog. I love those little tufts of innocent fur. I can’t lie. Plus no way can you leave out one kitty boy!

    • Aww! I confess, I love that photo, too, for the same reasons! They were such cute kittens and I love remembering how they were then. Some of the same behaviors (good and bad) carry over into adulthood, and those are how I can identify them without seeing their eyes, the easiest way for you to tell them apart.

  2. Like the new photo, and your idea behind it is interesting. I’m sure one furry person may be disappointed. We, the readers, might find it interesting to try and guess which kitty boy is pictured.

  3. I like the new one but agree with 15 and Meowing. You can’t leave one of the boys out of the photo. I have used headers of just Shoko but don’t have them up too long. Do more headers so you can change them. One of both the boys and you would be ideal. I like the idea of showing the friction between kitties and human and the love.


      • Exactly! Play around with some pictures in your header area and see if one tickles your fancy or better yet ask peeps which they perfer….get peeps talking and thinking. The boys are handsome as heck so most pictures will be winners except those with closed eyes. Shoko has taken to closing her eyes when I come near. I don’t have a flash, she’s just being obnoxious.

        • Shoko is like the kitty boys in that respect. They are more comfortable with my smart phone (as camera) since it is able to take photos at a low enough light level that flash can be left off. I plahyed around with collages, but didn’t like the effect or how much room it took at the top of the blog. There probably is a way to reduce the size that I need to explore, but i don’t recall seeing it. Anyway, the old photo will continue to soldier on till I see what else I have in the photo file that might work along with the two shown. Of course, Dougy needs to get some coverage here since he has fans, too!

    • It’s looking like the old one or alternating photos featuring one or the other kitty boy may be the way I go. I personally like the tension in the new one, but Dougy is a equal kitty boy in this household.

    • That idea has merit. I’m probably sticking with the old header for the time being, though, till I can round up some other strong photos that fit. Come to think of it, I remember another header I used a long time ago that featured a Dougy as kitten by himself.

      • You are a lucky man to live among them. Considering setting my apartment up in many ways before bringing a rescue kitty home. A big commitment for me. Not to be taken on lightly.

        • It definitely is a big commitment, and many landlords (reasonably) charge a nonrefundable pet surcharge to let you have one. My landlord also limits how many pets you can have and how big they can be. After that obstacle is dealt with, all of the expenses of having a pet would astound people who’ve never had one. At one point, I was spending 10 times as much for the kitty boys’ haircuts each year as I spent for mine! (Of course, they got a bath and a fluff under the drier with theirs, and I just got a simple haircut.) Andy has a food allergy, so i have to spend a premium for specific food fort him. Dougy has none, but when you have two, you either feed them both the same food or have to feed them in separate places with a closed door between them. Oh well! Dougy’s worth it and Andy is, too! Then you have the issue of kitty entertainment, veterinarian costs…! Whew!

  4. coming from blogger I’m not really sure how wordpress headers work; can you have a photo on the left and one on the right? I ask because maybe you could use the above with you and andy at the header right, and have one with dougy looking as fierce and add it to the left ? πŸ™‚ β™₯

    • That might happen in the future. The photo was pure accident as it was. Andy and Dougy don’t share that particular spot well, so the emphasis would end up being them less than them lurking behind me. Hmm. I like the idea of the two being in the photo with me, though….!

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