Post 1644: Andy adjusts…


Andy stops by for videos, but Dougy comes into the room and perches on the ottoman. (Dougy gives Andy “The Eye”…) Andy leaves the recliner for a brief time till Dougy leaves the ottoman for the guest bedroom. 

Dougley gone, Andy returns to the icky-box-the-kitty-boys-never-stop-using. Checking with me (“Will you start the video already???”), then the doorway to the guest bedroom (“Good! No Dougy!”), then the laptop…


…where the video is playing, Andy settles in for the show. 

Whew! It’s tough being a kitty boy here! And the human doesn’t even put out kitty treats for the show.


10 thoughts on “Post 1644: Andy adjusts…

  1. Ours like to watch movies, some of the cats more than others.

    21 degrees here this morning, Doug! It will warm into the mid 50s today. The weather is back to swinging towards cooler temperatures.

    • Same here. I was surprised yesterday when Dougy actually watched a movie for kitties that featured all birds in closeup.

      Later, Andy love, love, loved a kitty game that features mice scampering across the screen. He hopped on the keyboard for that one. I think the simplified graphics helps them focus.

    • I can’t believe how intently he watches videos. Dougy figured out there’s no critters behind the screen, but Andy doesn’t care! He enjoys the videos for what they are: Cat entertainment!

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