Post 1675: busy kitties…

Some things are more important than others. Miller time, for example…

…and window time!

,,,quality time with your brother!


…play time!

…cleaning up!

…treat time!

…and, finally, a little kitty nap time!


16 thoughts on “Post 1675: busy kitties…

    • Glkad you enjoyed them, Mary! I like posting videos of the kitty boys from time to time because there are many new people following the blog who may not have seen those I posted before. Though you get a sense of the kitty boys’ personalities from the still photos and occasional GIFs, the videos show those personalities much better!


    • Glad you enjoyed them, John! As noted elsewhere, I think new followers need a chance to see videos of the kitty boys to get a jump start on knowing their personalities since photos and GIFs don’t show that as well. Of course, people who’ve been following for any time at all may see the same videos occasionally, but I hope they enjoy the “rereuns” anyway.

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