Post 1690: trimmed or not trimmed…


Thanks to scheduling issues, the kitty boys haven’t been trimmed since…I can’t remember. (September 2017? July 2017?) For the many new people following Andy and Dougy’s exploits, I think you might be amused to see what they look like trimmed up. It will be July before they can get in again, and they will be very hairy by then!

Quite a bit different, eh?! The last video shows Andy after the first haircut the kitty boys got. The groomer recommended a teddy bear cut the next time I took them in, and that’s been the standard since.

32 thoughts on “Post 1690: trimmed or not trimmed…

  1. ‘The Visitor’ is one of my fav videos EVER! Mom & I luv how Andy & Dougy play peek-a-boo with Taco! Those are fancy Teddy Bear haircuts that the kitties got, Mr. Doug. I’ve never had one of those. I haven’t been to a groomer for 6 years. Mom just brushes me.

    • And you look spectacular! I personally am beginning to feel the brushing business is preferable since the kitty boys look so good right now. “The Visitor” is probably my favorite video of the kitty boys. Taco the tuxedo cat was a neighborhood feral cat that one of my neighbors provided a shelter, food, water, and, at one point toward the end of his life, medical care when he was very sick. I looked forward to his visit because he was such a pretty kitty. He’s in kitty heaven now, though. Amazingly enough, he lived at least 15 years, maybe more. He was a neighborhood resident when I first moved here in November 2004. I’m not sure when the last time I saw his was.

    • Yes, they aren’t really that big after grooming. Dougy is the larger of the two at about 5,3 kilos, and Andy is a bit lighter. I laughed when he came home from the groomers that time (the first time) because he looked like he had dancer’s leg warmers on! LOL!

    • Oh no! Hate to hear that! Their groomer leaves their tails untrimmed and only lightly trims their facial poofs. Another thing they’ve mentioned is Andy sometimes loses patience with the process. They stop working on his trim at that point, or, rather, once they’ve finished it enough to have an even trim. Dougy is more cooperative.

  2. Very sexy – snorts. Seriously Houdini gets the teddy bear cut and he so needs it too right about now. But hey – ya’ll both lovely either way in my piggy book <3 XOXO – Bacon

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