Post 1691: Dougy settles in for the day…


Breakfast was late but quite tasty! 


“Can we play now?” Dougy isn’t quite ready for a nap.


We play for a moment or two, but Morpheus threatens to take Dougy to Dreamland. (Yep! Douglass MacDougall soon falls asleep.)

24 thoughts on “Post 1691: Dougy settles in for the day…

    • Yes, that is a pretty good look at his eyes. Depending on what I have to do to make a photo usable, that depth of color sometimes gets lost. I try to use the kitty boys’ eye colors as my gauge for editing adjustments, but don’t always have a good enough photo to get those colors to show.

  1. I commented this but your pafe had another presentation . Then I found again you classical presenation but not my comment !! 😉
    In friendship
    I guess I was on facebook without realize it

    • I do that, too, Michel! I try to keep my comments of WordPress friends’ posts on WordPress even when the content comes to Facebook, too, but sometimes lose track of where I am: Facebook or WordPress!

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