Post 1762: Miller time again…


Dougy is a big fan of millers, those tedious moths that show up around this time of year. One’s in the house now. Dougy knocked out a light bulb trying to catch it, the second time he’s done that.

Moths, of course, are attracted to light so Dougy gets a pass on that. Besides, he’s a cat. That’s what cats do. Catch millers and eat them I mean. I hope he or Andy catch this one before the rest of the house is overturned! 

18 thoughts on “Post 1762: Miller time again…

  1. You don’t need any tape to get rid of the moths, you have two attack cats to do them in. Just earning their supper and treats. You’re not suppose to notice the destruction that comes with attacking. mol


  2. That’s minute sport ! Then sleep 🙂 Hortensia is not afraid by seagulls and should like to catch one – but she is behind the window. Only allowed to look at and – crunch crunch !
    amitiés 🙂 france

    • Same here – they (the kitty boys) and I live too close to major traffic. Also, ignorant people still exist who have superstitions about black cats and would gladly hurt or kill them.

  3. Purrseidon and Saphera both try to catch anything flying inside (even outside) the house… Purr hadn’t knocked anything over, and I wish I could say the same for 90# Saphera, who has the mass to rearrange furniture.

    • The kitty boys are smallish to medium-sized (Andy – 9.4 pounds/4.3 kilos; Dougy 10.3 pounds = 4.7 kilos) and both have managed to “disarrange” things in their quest to kill flying critters!

  4. We are having them here too. So far no lamps knocked over but lots of climbing the walls, literally. At least it keeps them amused and active.

    • That’s how I look at it, too. Anything that amuses and involves physical activity is good for them, especially since they are approaching their 7th birthday on July 1st!

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