Post 1769: brotherly love…

Do the kitty boys get along together? Well enough, but they have their days, too! Surprisingly, they never squabble when it comes to food, but the recliner comes with elaborate rules for use, rules only the kitty boys know.

(Andy is the kitty boy on the left in all photos, a fact I find curious. It seems they almost always end up that way in joint photos.)

14 thoughts on “Post 1769: brotherly love…

  1. The recliner is their kitty throne. That is sure helpful that Andy and Dougy often take the same positions when they pose. It makes it easier for their bloggie furr-iends to tell them apart. Purrs.

    • I try to get them in the same photo so I have something to use on Christmas cards and my “business” card. It’s surprisingly rare that I accomplish it, though they do tend to have their own routines. Kitty treat time and kitty food time are the two reliable times to get them together, with when I leave the door open. That attracts both of them into one place!

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