Post 1772: Andy’s string…

 This is the newest toy Andy love, love, loves: a string from my sweats that wore out and broke. No $30-five-D-battery- toys for this kitty boy! If you want to get Andy all wound up, bring out the string, any string. That’ll get his kitty on, and how! 


Sorry for the photo quality but I did this with my point-and-shoot, a camera I haven’t used since I got my smart phone two years ago. I’ve forgotten where the edit feature is on the menu!

On top of focus and exposure issues, the dang thing has long delays between hitting the shutter and the shutter actually operating when you take photos in low light. That’s why you get a hint of Andy in these photos, but little of the full face. That pretty much explains, too, why I stopped using it and went almost exclusively to the smart phone camera. 

Why, then, did I use it? Curiosity, I guess.