Post 1783: Happy Birthday, kitty boys!

Hard to believe the kitty boys turn seven years old today but the math is simple: July 1, 2018 minus July 1, 2011. Yes, they were born on Canada Day, and they wish our Canadian friends and kitties a Happy Canada Day. They are pleased to share that birthday with such a nice place!

bonne fete canada


You want to know what special things we’ll do today and what they get for their birthday. I keep it simple. Kitty toys often are as simple as a peacock feather or a piece of paper on the floor. I don’t buy expensive toys for the kitty boys any more since they rarely play with them as much as they do, say, a simple piece of string.

So… it’s kitty videos and tuna water off the albacore. Frankly, cats don’t know what a birthday is, do they, no matter how much we want to impress on them the day is one for them to celebrate? We celebrate for them!

The kitty boys don’t eat the tuna itself – Persians have difficulty eating chunk tuna, so I’m going to mush it up, perhaps run it through a food processor to make it more Persian kitty friendly. It seems a shame they can’t get more than the water off the can on their birthday!

The cats of my life, in the order they came into my life: lower right – Freckles; upper right – Louie; left – Andy; middle right – Dougy.

I got Louie to be a companion for Freckles, who died after surgery to spay her; Louie died seven years ago August 1; Andy was offered to me when I picked up Louie’s ashes at the veterinarian clinic; Dougy and Andy played well together as kittens, and the owner of their mother offered him to me when she heard I wanted a companion for Andy.

I confess dogs were a bigger part of my life till I retired. The main reason I got Freckles was I wanted a pet that didn’t make messes and loud rackets in the retirement community where I live. She was perfect! Then she died. Louie died. I still miss them. They were great kitties.

But this is a happy day, one to celebrate the birthday of the brothers Andy and Dougy! May they celebrate many, many more! Their predecessors were with me for too short a time but I’ve had lots of time with the kitty brothers, a joy we celebrate today!

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    • I came close to losing it with the thought of tuna + maple syrup… Ha! Thanks! My state and your country came into being in the same year – 1867, another connection.

        • Yep! They put out (ugly) special plates honoring the event, but I have car plates that served the purpose: 65-A150, “65” being the county’s ranking in population when the system was put in place (93 total counties), “A” being the first series of 999 plates, and “150” being the 150th plate in the first series. It’s one that’s been in the family since the early 1930s, and it passed to my parents, then to me.

          The “A” is a fairly new addition to the numbering system. They needed to increase the number of plate numbers to account for the fact people have more cars registered now than the early 20th century. Presumably, the system goes up to “Z” before switching over to the alpha-numeric system used in other states.

          Nebraskans are sort of hooked on the county number system since it allows us to snoop on strangers: “Yep, one of those snooty Douglas County fellows” or “What do you expect? Still thinks he’s in Cherry County on some cow path!”.

          Of course, the more populated the county, the more they had to change to the more common alpha-numeric system used in most other states. Soooo, see a new-style number on a plate, it’s “Yep, one of those snooty Douglas County [Omaha] fellows!”

  1. doodz !!! best fishez, happee day wizhez N bee lated mice creem dishez ♫♪♫♫♪ hope yur day total lee rocked, hope ya getted in LOTZ OH TRUBULLZ, hope dad got ya a perch pizza pie N heerz two a yeer a head filled with happeez N healtheez ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. You’re right the boys don’t know it’s their birthday but it’s always nice to have something special like Tuna juice. The twists off of milk jugs is a great pleaser around here. Empty toilet rolls make ideal rolling things. Shoko can’t be bothered but Tyebe loves them. I’m afraid Dougy and Andy would act like Shoko so we must be more inventive. Happy 7th birthday boys.


    • Thanks! They are Canada Day cats, so I probably should fly the Maple Leaf and pour them a Moosehead to go along with the tuna juice! Regardless, you are right about the odd things that appeal to cats. Mine find bread bag ties exciting, but I make sure those aren’t available to them because of the possibility of one getting chewed. I have to conceal used q-tips because they pull those out of the trash if I don’t. New q-tips, with supervised play, are great fun! They do like the empty tubes and I accidentally found out they like to bat unshelled walnuts around on the floor, too! Anything can become a toy.

    • Thanks! They had a good day, I think, though I didn’t do a whole lot to celebrate. Tuna water always gets their purr motors revved up! That was the biggest and most appreciated part of their celebration.

  3. Birthday balloons, nips and purr purrs of luvs for my fav black floofy furr-iends on your birthday! I hope you got the card. Mom and I hope you have many more years together with each other and your papa!

    • Yes, I did – “meow!” Lots of fun! I hope we have lots of years ahead of us, too! Thanks! (The big bug is back for the third day, and Dougy is working on catching it again and again even as I type…)

  4. Happy birthday to Andy and Dougy!!! May they have many many more. We didn’t think you had furry kids when we worked together–now we know. Maynard (Our furry child when we were at Dayco) lived to be 19. Well, now that I’m feeling old—enjoy the day.

    • Thanks, Joleen! It’s hard to realize I’ve had them almost seven years – September 2011 is when they were old enough to leave their mommy and come to my home – but you know how time flies! My only concern, with my health issues, is that I outlive the kitty boys because they are such spoiled kitties it might be hard to place them as “used” kitties…! I’d also hope they could be placed together if they outlive me.

    • Thanks! If I hadn’t had such positive experiences with Freckles and Louie, I wouldn’t have accepted the offer to take Andy, then Dougy.

    • Woo hoo! You know food is a big deal and the tuna water with added tuna proved to be a much appreciated part of the day!

    • They waved their little Maple Leaf flags and skipped barbeque, fireworks, and beer, but the tuna water n=made their special day!

    • Thanks, it was a pretty good day for the kitty boys, especially when I opened the tuna can and poured them the water, which I augmented with tuna.

    • They begged me to hurry up and give it to them! Andy even put on his “starving little kitty” voice to try to get me to speed it up.

  5. Happy Birthday Andy and Dougy, have a great day. Enjoy your mashed tune 🙂
    Great pictures, especially little Andy. Adoreable <3

    • Woo hoo! Andy in particular likes videos for all the motion in them. He watched a 14 minute video with me yesterday that showed a couple of East Asian (Indonesia, Philippines?) fellows making a phenomenal swimming pool using primitive tools and homemade clay tiles. I enjoyed it, but I was surprised Andy watched it with me!

    • Thanks, Peggy! (I’m enjoying your postings on your travels this week!) I felt I should recall the earlier cats since they made it possible for me to accept Andy, then Dougy, by giving me good kitty experiences. Without Freckles and Louie, I would never have had Andy and Dougy.

  6. Happy Birthday, my dear furry friends! Hope you’re having a wonderful day.
    Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards and Birthday Wishes to you!

    • They couldn’t have approved more of the tuna water with extra tuna! Nothing else was more meaningful to them on their special day. Thanks! (Hope Mr. Bowie continues to enjoy great heath after that eye business. Poor kitty!)

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