Post 1785: the kitty boys’ meal ritual…

Andy comes to the table first, and Dougy sits by till Andy’s through. Andy gets a drink  after he’s eaten, then Dougy  comes over for his share of the kitty food. Andy – my little chow hound – hee! hee! – returns to finish whatever is left on the plate after Dougy’s had his fill. Dougy refreshes himself at the fountain before he leaves for a whisker cleaning. Andy is mighty pleased to have the plate to himself now! This is the usual order of things, though sometimes they eat at the same time.

Meal times are more than just having a bite to eat! 

9 thoughts on “Post 1785: the kitty boys’ meal ritual…

  1. Mr. Doug, do you ever wonder if Andy was born first before Dougy from the same litter? Maybe that would explain why he eats first? Or maybe he’s just more food motivated! Tee hee hee!

    • I have, but I’ve never been able to find out. That could be true, though. Also position in the uterus and hormonal concentration differences can affect behavior after birth.

  2. Kommando and Snoops eat together, but I have to make sure I put down the bowls at exactly the same time or Kommando will push her way in. She is also more than willing to push Snoops aside at the water fountain and the kibble dispenser. We’ve tried to teach her manners. But after six years, we figure it’s a lost cause. She’s just a food/toy/attention hog.

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