Post 1797: breakfast’s done…

Kitty breakfast is done. Andy and Dougy take a rest now, clean up, digest their food. 

As you probably know, cats have the mammal equivalent of a straight pipe exhaust – it goes in one end and comes out the other end pretty much unobstructed. Or it seems that way to the kitty boys because they always are ready for kitty food and treats! 

You can see they lick their plate clean – upper right hand corner – especially now that  I add a little water to their wet food to make a slurry. Persian kitties, because of the shape of their faces, have difficulty eating some food. If they can lap it up, though, it’s as good as turned into kitty poop! Sorry! Just true. 

21 thoughts on “Post 1797: breakfast’s done…

  1. My boy Kit inhales his breakfast then meows for the next 5 minutes (that’s a warning to every living creature to clear the area) then unleashes a bomb in the litter box.

  2. What goes in must come out❗️ Thank goodness Washe Cat don’t fart❗️ What a fish market atmosphere it would be if he did 🐱 His yawns are bad enough whilst I believe are not tired yawns at all but instead a release of stomach gas, but that is only my opinion 😉

    • Could be. I know they do pass gas…and it is brief but deadly. The late Louie liked a cheap brand of cat food, having been fed that (apparently) by the absent previous owner – Louie was a shelter cat. Once, he hopped over the back of the recliner onto the arm. In the brief moment his hind end was closest to my nose, he let a Stinker from Hell. I think the same think from a dog would have been sufficient to snuff life for yards around, but Louie, though a nearly 24 pound cat, only released a tiny putt-putt. Whew! I was so thankful – and surprised. It was of the Sneaky Pete variety, silent by deadly. I think cats fed high quality protein, grain-free cat food digest the food better so don’t gas up like poor Louie on the lesser quality food he preferrred.

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