Post 1798: Heads or tails…?

I forgot to close my bedroom door, so Andy’s hiding under the bed till he forgets he still has his medicine to take. In the meantime, Dougy’s given me a choice: heads or tails? I don’t know…that head’s nice and soft and that’s the end the purrs come from…but the tail’s soft and fluffy. Anyone have a quarter?

14 thoughts on “Post 1798: Heads or tails…?

    • I don’t know… Dougy has a very nice tail that he likes to share with me. Of course, the head end is pretty nice, too. I’m still looking for a quarter!

    • Seems to be the winning choice! I keep noting, though, that tail is really, really, really nice! Soft and squishy it is so fluffy. Dougy likes me to run it through my hands, too. (I’m careful where I put it, my hand, of course!)

    • Ha! You are the first one to recommend the tail! It is a soft and fluffy treat to the hand, and Dougy likes me to run my hand over it.

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