Post 1800: Good grief, Andy!

Time for Andy’s medicine. As usual, he looks like he’s about to get his tail pulled, but maybe he’s just reacting to Dougy, who came around to say the kitty boy equivalent of “Nya! Nya!” 

9 thoughts on “Post 1800: Good grief, Andy!

    • LOL! Yes, it is tragic, eh?! Of course, that photo was taken in a dark spot, so his pupils are slightly bigger than usual when I have him in the light.

    • Oh the horror! I can imagine ear cleaning is very tricky. (The kitty boys do a super job of cleaning their own ears, to my amazement. I give them a kitty treat that is meant to clean feline teeth. At age seven and a near lifetime of having those treats, they don’t have tartar or stains on their teeth, again amazing.)

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