Post 1807: lounging Dougy…


Dougy has a big decision to make. What to do? What to do?

Woo hoo! Take a snooze! It’s a winner. Now, if the human will leave me alone so I can sleep…!

57 thoughts on “Post 1807: lounging Dougy…

  1. hows the heat been down your way? Do you have A/C? I bet the kitty boys prefer staying in a cooler environment! You should collect their fur & get it woven into a winter coat for yourself.Kind of like a kitty present for you!

    • Not as hot as your weather. My sister in Seattle writes she broke down and bought a fan, noting air conditioning wouldn’t be necessary most of the time but the heat was too much for nothing. We’ve had lots of rain and thunderstorms this week. Dougy even gave me a frightened look after on particularly loud thunder. The kitty boys usually don’t react to it.

      • we are on the west coast of Vancouver island where the temperature is almost always cooler than further inland. It’s 9 am & the temperature here at the moment is 55 F.The coastal fog has been hanging around & cooling us significantly.
        I would of loved to of seen a video of Dougy reacting to the thunder!

        • He shudders, looks at me, ears back, pupils dilated, and then he pulls himself into as tight a ball as he can. Poor baby! I haven’t seen Andy react to it in any way that suggests it frightens him. Dougy, on the other hand, usually is on the ottoman if I’m on the glide-rocker chair, so I’ll just lean over, pet him or pick him up and hug him till he acts reassured all is well.

          • & I bet when your doing that there hundreds of other pets reacting in the area as well.I hear many run under something.A bed,a couch,anything where they can feel safe.Sometimes people too!

          • I use to be a Exploration Geologist.My job took me to very remote parts of Canada.I remember once (79) I was on a exploration project for uranuim up in northern Saskatchewan.I was guiding a crew through the bush when I noticed the weather changing quickly.We back tracked to where we had left the canoes.(each aluminum canoe had a small 2 hp engine on it) I told the two other guys to take one canoe themselves & I would take all the gear myself.They arrived faster than me because of the weight I was carrying.The storm caught me right out in the middle of the lake.It rained so hard that the water turned white! Lightening was going off all around me! I figured I was going to be struck.An aluminum canoe in the middle of the lake during a lightening storm “strikes” as being fool hardy but I had no choice.I remember looking up & raising my fist & saying “IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO”?
            I really was young & foolish when I was younger but sure have some great stories to tell!

          • Wow! That’s a very scary situation, especially since you were in a position to do nothing but continue! (My university minor was geology. I told my Dad I wanted to change my minor and he asked me what I’d do with that degree. I stupidly hadn’t thought about it or done any research to see what opportunities there were in that field. Soooo, I continued with my English/ Journalism Advertising Copywriting studies. As it worked out, I ended up spending the largest part of my work life in quality, which was interesting work that I loved but hadn’t the first clue before I went to work I’d like or do for nearly 36 years! Of course, had I looked into the things professional geologists do, I would have enjoyed the travel, the outdoors work, and significantly nicer income those jobs give!

          • P.S. My father was smart to put me on the grill to see if I even knew what a major change would do for me. I have that to thank him for! While being a geologist would be a great thing – I actually had better grades in my minor than in my major! – I think the really good jobs require more and a BS degree. It was the Vietnam era, and those extra four or more years would have been difficult to justify to the draft board. (Hell, you don’t want the smart ones out there dying when you can get them young – or younger – and lacking fully developed reasoning abilities!)

          • I live next to a geologist’s paradise, Wyoming! As far as that goes, the geology of Western Nebraska is pretty interesting compared with many places, if more subtle.

          • Not really, unless you count a chunk of the mountain in South Dakota being carved into Crazy Horse – granite and some other “stuff” in it. Or the chunk of paving stone from Check Point Charlie, the American crossing in East Berlin during the Cold War. Also granite.

          • I should have a good rock collection myself but do not.I do have a banded iron ore rock that is beautiful.I cut it on two sides so it could be a book end.It weighs about 40 lbs.It’s not only banded but well folded,plus you can see micro faulting!. I also have some Uraninite crystals.

          • Cool! This area, Western Nebraska and Western South Dakota have great agate and geode places. In past, different people have opened small museums featuring their finds, some massive. In fact there used to be one a block from where I live, though the guy operating it died several years ago. I have no idea where his collection disappeared to.

          • Yes! The scary part about it is you can be struck by lightning on a perfectly clear day. If your hair stand on end and you feel tingly, be prepared to say “Oh SXXX!”

          • LOL! Yeah! Sounds like a good method to me. (I like petting them in the dark because the static electricity, of course, shows assparks.)

          • You know it! I try to avoid that during the static electricity season, but I fear at least one or two times one other other kitty boy feels betrayed and hurt by me.

          • Andy and Dougy approve! Last night, I forgot to put out the bedtime treats, and Andy let out a yowl of serious protest! Usually, both kitty boys “talk” softly, but the protest for missing treats could be heard two rooms over! Don’t mess with treat time!

          • I pet Andy and rub his ears and head before I tell him we gotta do it. He doesn’t struggle against taking it as much as he used to, especially since he gets fun time before and after the icky part!

          • It is in liquid for and he will probably need it for life. He has a heart murmur and high blood pressure that it helps.

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