Post 1809: Andy’s a purrty boy, too!

Andy hid from me because it was too close to medicine time, but I finally got some post-grooming photos of him.


Like his brother, this little “sheepie” is really soft to the touch. (He ruffled his fur for the photo. (If I could brush him first, he’d look really sweet!)


This is more like it! Dougy poses to show you how they look when they haven’t ruffled their fur. (Notice all the hair on the carpet? I put off vacuuming till after their grooming appointment.)

14 thoughts on “Post 1809: Andy’s a purrty boy, too!

    • I thought they’d come back shaved, they had so many mats! Their groomer said she cuts Dougy’s hair longer than Andy’s because Dougy’s hair is denser. One thing about it, they are a lot more active because they don’t spend as much time trying to deal with the grooming of long hair!

    • We usually have our hottest weather during July-early September, but so far this year, it’s been more like June, our wettest month, with lots of rain. On the Interstate highway just outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming, the highway that goes to Denver, Colorado, they had a hail storm this week so intense they had drifts of hail up to a meter deep (!), stopping traffic, and requiring bringing out their snow plows to clear the highway. There was a similar hailstorm up around Mount Rushmore in South Dakota in the past week or so, where cars were “snowed” in and immobilized on the road till the road department could clear the hail. So far, we’ve escaped the hailstorms where I live, but north, west, and south of here – all too close – they’ve had some incredible hailstorms.

  1. The grooming was needed as the temperature is very high. They will be better . Here i Amiens the drouhght continues and it is very hot.
    I hope you are well Doug
    In friendship

    • The kitty boys and I are enjoying our haircuts and staying indoors in the air conditioning, Michel! I hope you and Janine are well, especially that you are doing well with your issues.

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