Post 1818: cause and effect…


Poor Andy. Gets wrapped up in hiding from  me when it is  medicine time, then he gets wrapped up to get medicine, then…


…he gets wrapped up in the best part of the ordeal – kitty treat time, cause and effect!


I am not compensated to show or promote this particular brand of kitty treat. It just happens to be the brand that the kitty boy’s veterinarian has on hand and is the brand the kitty boys have always eaten.


13 thoughts on “Post 1818: cause and effect…

  1. dood….de greenies ree minded uz…..iz ther any way dad can put yur medisin ina greenies pill pocket? mite help; even if itz liguid may bee him could let it set fora breef few on de inn side?? 🙂 ♥♥

  2. I have to say Greenies are the one treat every one of my cats have liked. They are a reliable bribe.

      • Aw!! Poor Willow. Unfortunately, one they are unable to care sufficiently for themselves, it’s our turn to do for them. It was rough enough bathing the kitty boys when they were kittens. I don’t look forward to their dotage!

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