Post 1819: Dougy and Andy find their places…


Andy’s my “shy guy”, but he still stopped by to let me know he wants to watch birds out the back window. 

IMG_20180806_104715 “OK?!” Andy asks, fully expecting a big no.

Sure, Andy! This is your home, too, and the computer desk is free.

Of course, once he was up there, he didn’t watch birds because he saw Dougy stopped by to let me know…


…he was coming around to play box, something he does happily and well. Dougy’s the b&w kitty, kind of straight forward and unapologetic about his wants and needs…


…and he looks pretty good in that box! Of course, he turned his head at the exact moment the shutter tripped because he saw Andy headed for the recliner. Uh oh! Time for a recliner challenge, which we know is classic kitty boy fun, too. 

The collage below shows past challenges for the recliner.

Andy won, taking over the top of the recliner back as his prize! (He deployed “The Stare”, his famous stratagem that usually works against his brother Dougy! See it best in the bottom photo – Andy is on the arm, looking down on Dougy.)