Post 1847: there are signs…


It’s clear: The kitty boys have begun to circle around me so it must be “Kitty Food Time”! (Andy on recliner; Dougy on ottoman, pouting; me behind laptop screen, hidden….)


17 thoughts on “Post 1847: there are signs…

  1. The way mine acts is it a sense of entitlement as though she is undernourished..and I’ll be reprimanded if I don’t do as commanded…aka The Pet Police

    • LOL! Yes, “The Act” here would be more convincing if: 1. Andy weren’t a Persian (i.e. “floofy”) cat, and 2. I weren’t the one who had to make special make up plates of food for Dougy because Andy ate his share and Dougy’s, too!

  2. I wish the twins would just circle around me when their stomach clocks show meal time… we just had a wild bark fest, I really have to look for another kitchen table it is like a booster and the 287 decibel nearly kill my ears…

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