Post 1875: Dougy’s upset; Andy says, “So?!”

Sometimes Dougy just can’t have his kitty brother in his field of view without being upset. Andy couldn’t care less!


Dougy thinks his world is topsy-turvy, what with Andy intruding (sort of) in his space! Andy pretends not to be aware of his brother’s upset.


“La! La! La!” Andy works the room with his insouciance! Dougy’s fuming. What does he have to do to get Andy out of his view???

IMG_20181005_044104 (1)

The solution? Dougy leaves the room. The guest bedroom is all his. Let Andy have the stacked carriers!


12 thoughts on “Post 1875: Dougy’s upset; Andy says, “So?!”

    • Yeah! Of course, Andy tends to be a cool kitty and he is pretty much pleased with things the way they work out…unless it involves kitty treats, then he is very upset if they don’t appear whern he expects them!

  1. Dougy actually got up and left? Great going Dougy. Doesn’t happen often around here unless someone is physically jumped on…..nort mentioning names. There are times when the furries need a break from looking at the same furry face, Even if that face does look like their own. lol


    • LOL! Yes, same here. Later on in the day, Dougy nailed Andy, roughed him up a little, batted him around. No damage done, and Dougy felt more in cahrge again. Andy’s been dominant for some time now. I haven’t seen any power plays lately, so think there should be a detente for some time to come!

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