Post 1913: the routine…


Yeah, Andy arches his back to resist his dose of medicine and…



IMG_20181123_035906 (1)

…has pretty much destroyed his ottoman. Nothing left to do but roll over and be floofy!

Not an exciting routine, but that’s ours.

12 thoughts on “Post 1913: the routine…

    • Dougy and Andy had the disadvantage of living with someobe who’d never raised new kittens, let alone two new kittens, just freshly taken from their mother. They bopth are spoiledf rotten!

    • Andy has elevated blood pressure. He used to have high blood pressure, but the medicine has helped us manage it at a level in the slightly high end of normal. Of course, since cats can develop kidney issues, blood pressure control is very important. He’a become more or less accepting of the medicine routine since I do every thing I can to make it pleasant – I hold him like a newborn baby, petting him, talking softly to him. After he gets his medicine, I give him kitty treats. Since I started doing medicine time this way, he’s gradually become much easier to catch (!) and calmer when I’m holding him.

    • I bought nice furniture whenh I retired with the idea it’s last me till I died. Dougy pretty much assures that won’t happen! I’ve trried different things to try to break him of the practice, but am a failure as a cat trainer. Anyway, I decided I would let him have the ottoman for his personal territory. As long as they are alive, Andy and Dougy control the home. After they go to kitty heaven, perhaps I can buyt some nice furniture to replace the destroyed things.

    • The ottoman and I are much alike, Michel: in poor shape! I’m still fighting the cold. I think I’m getting to the end of it. Fortunately, I don’ty have to go anywhere between now and Tuesday morning. I will spend that time keeping hydrated, warm, and rested. The last three times I’ve been at duialysis, I wore a mask to protect my fellow patients from the cold. I wish the person who gave the cold to me had done as much for me! (Per=ople with strong immune systems don’t appreciate just how vulnerable people with suppressed immune systems can be. A simple cold can further pull us down, leaving us vulnerabkle to pneumonia, for example!)

      • This cold is become worrisome , Doug . I suggest you see a doctor because the cold nowadays are tenacious and tiring. I have a cousin who goes with this kind of cold for weeks . Please take care of you . The dialysis makes us weaker and we have to take care strictly of is.
        In friendship

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