Post 1947: the end of year is nigh…

Time passes too fast. Hard to believe this sweet little guy used to hang out this way with me until he got too big for the spot. The little paw always went over my wrist. This is Dougy when he was a kitten, almost seven and a quarter years ago…!

Andy was so small, so cute, so sweet, so fragile. He came home with me in September 2011, barely old enough to leave his momma. Dougy came later, and Andy was happy to be reunited with his brother!

Yeah, transitioning into the next year aways makes me nostalgic.

I want you around, safe and sound, in 2019, so celebrate responsibly on the 31st.

31 thoughts on “Post 1947: the end of year is nigh…

    • Me, too, but I don’t know what their reaction might be…! Andy might be ok with it, but Dougy panics when I try to hold him on his back.

  1. Loved seeing Andy and Dougy and they are so cute and small as kittens. Love to see more kitten pictures. Hope you had a nice Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Crystal And Daisy Mae

  2. The cats are so cute! Even as grown ups. Good point on driving safe. 2018 has been a sad year in Swedish traffic. Number of dead and injured has unfortunately increased. Mostly because so many drive when they are drunk

    • Yes, and there is a move to lower the legal limit from .8 (most US states) to ,5. I agree with that. In the US, too, around holidays with lots of alcohol consumption, the state highway patrol troopers and local police have roadblock stops to catch impaired drivers. Laws are more strict, too, about what happens to people caught in an impaired state, but aren’t as strict as in some countries in your part of the world.

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