Post 1971: Seriously, it’s good again!

Here are half of the photos I took to show you how much better Dougy’s right eye is after two weeks of eye drops. Typical! He closed his eyes or blinked every time I tried to get an “open eye” shot!

Oh well! Right eye open; left eye partially closed; slightly out of focus. This seems to be the best I can do for the moment. And it only took me eleven tries!

19 thoughts on “Post 1971: Seriously, it’s good again!

  1. Good Morning dear Doug, do you know, still your old post (in November, 2018) seems in home page but when I go down I can see your new posts… What happened I don’t know. But I know now after past post the new one comes 🙂

    Have a nice day, Love, nia

    • I haven’t changed settings, but I noticed WordPress has a different look. I don’t have an answer, but I am glad you are getting the current posts now.

    • Is that a universal truth or what?! Greg, my smart phone sometimes gives me a rash of advertisements or other obstructions to get to the camera. You guessed it! By the time all is clear, the kitty boy is doing something less appealing.

    • A better photo (in focus) is in the works for Saturday, I think it is – I’m a few days ahead on my blog for a change. Anyway, it is always a happy day to see those big, gorgeous Persian kitty eyes!

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