Post 1993: Tuh-duh~!

Dougy and Andy got good grades for deportment at the groomer’s today. Athena and I settled on a floofier cut (see above), with a three month schedule between touch ups. Andy looks just as floofy, but he’s not cooperating with the photographer…

Dougy before…

…and after. See, they still have that handsome Persian quality, just a little shorter hair and no mats. I like it! How about you?

23 thoughts on “Post 1993: Tuh-duh~!

    • We have in past, but their groomer and I have been talking about how to go long and control mats toward the end of the time before they have another appointment. I hope we can continue the long cuts in future since they are beautiful in this more natural look! (They aren’t out in the cold for more than a short time because here at home and at the groomers, I’m able to park my station wagon just a few feet away from the door. Also, I have a fluffy towel in the carrier so they have that comfort, too. Plus, both go in the same carrier, so can huddle together fort warmth and comfort,

    • I totally agree! We talk about what we think would look right on them – she suggested the longer hair look two times ago – and she has great ideas! Aesthetically, I think she does a super job of achieving that look even though she cut their hair!

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