Post 2005: Well…OK!

Dougy is a bit standoffish today.

“Are you my kitty? Yes, ya is, boy! Yes ya is!” I try to improve his mood.

“How about a nice ‘scritching’, Dougall?”

That’s my kitty! Dougy is in a much better mood now.

12 thoughts on “Post 2005: Well…OK!

  1. The cats can get in their moods, for sure!

    We finally had “real” snow here, Doug. About a foot yesterday, and lost power twice. Rick and I did a lot of shoveling today, some we don’t do much of most years. It looks like a Christmas card out there, but it’s the heavy, wet snow. More in the forecast for tonight, and some tomorrow.

    • No doubt you left Connecticut, in part, to get relief from that much snow! I dreaded those heavy, wet snows. Though I had a snow blower, that was the one type of snow it was worthless to remove.

    • Thanks for the hugs! I know how that cat resistance business goes! Dougy’s giving me another version today where he keeps meowing at me, but nothing I do seems to be what he wants.

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