Post 2013: Snooper…

Dougy’s snooping around this morning, though that’s his norm.

15 thoughts on “Post 2013: Snooper…

    • He was checking me out so see if I was going to bring out that silly tear strip off the kitty food package…. (Of course, I did.)

    • No, that actually is a fairly close depiction of the actual color, something that often is missing because I have to edit photos to bring detail out. His eyes are an orangey-brown color.

        • Yes, they both are doing well! I watch out for changes in eating, behavior, play because of my unfortunate experience with their predecessor, Louie, where I didn’t recognize he was seriously ill till his last day alive. Though Louie’s veterinarian assured me there was no way I could have felt the enlarged lymph gland that ruptured (he had lymphoma) because of it’s location by the underside of his spine, I always have felt bad I missed out that he was suffering for a long time.

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